Every September Morong Falmouth Porsche supports The Dempsey Challenge through our involvement and donation to Porsche's in the Park. 
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Porsche Celebrates Double Victory at Le Mans 24- hour Marathon
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Is your Porsche Ready for Summer Weather? 

Please feel free use our check list to make sure your vehicle is ready for Summer or schedule with our service department for a review. 

  • Air conditioning Recharge
  • Check entire system for leaks
  • Recharge refrigerent gas including compressor lupricant oil 
  • check system operating pressures and Air conditioning 
  • oil change 
  • Check Brakes 
  • Hoses/Belts: inspect for cracks, bulges, frays and excessive wear
  • Check Battery 
  • Fluids: oil, coolant, windshield washer, power-steering brake, tranmssion, ext.. should be checked and make sure they are the appropriate color 
  • Wipers: For Random afternoon Summer/Spring Rain. 


Date Posted 6/26/2018